Department Of Animal Science

Dr. Clinton R. Krehbiel



Office:  101A Animal Science
Phone: (405) 744-8857


PhD: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, December, 1994
Major: Animal Science (Ruminant Nutrition)
MS: M.S., Kansas State University, August, 1990
Major: Animal Science and Industry (Ruminant Nutrition)
BS: Kansas State University, May, 1988
Major: Animal Science and Industry
AAS: Hutchinson Community College, May, 1986
Major: Farm and Ranch Management


Professional Experience
Refereed Publications


ANSI 5743  Rumenology
ANSI 5753 Animal Nutrition Techniques and Laboratory Methods
ANSI 5773 Protein Nutrition (Ruminant Section Only)


Research Interests
  • Tissue and whole-animal energy and protein metabolism in ruminants
  • Regulation of lipid metabolism in ruminants
  • Impact of animal health and immune function on animal growth and carcass merit
  • Nutritional/management strategies of adapting and subsequently feeding beef cattle on high-concentrate diets while minimizing risk of metabolic disorders
  • Systems research to improve efficiency of nutrient utilization by growing and finishing ruminants


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