Angeln Saddleback

Also known as: Angler Sattelschwein

Originated in Angeln, a region of northern Germany that belonged to Denmark before 1885. A black-and-white landrace was crossed with Wessex-Saddleback and in 1937 accepted as a new race. In the 1950's the Angler Sattelschwein had a big share of the market, but a few years later it seems to be too fat for the consumer and the breed is nearly extincted.

Characteristics: White belt on a black body, big-sized, high fertility, good mothers with much milk. Rare breed.

boar: Height: 92 cm Weight: 350 kg
sow: Height: 84 cm Weight: 300 kg

More information: GEH (society for the protection of old domestic animal breeds),
Warder Haustierpark (Zoo for endangered domestic breeds),

Beate Milerski, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 42, D-71735 Eberdingen,
Beate Milerski, Theodor-Heuss-Str. 42, D-71735 Eberdingen,

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Added February 12, 2003