Gansu Alpine Fine-wool

This breed was developed in the Huangchen District of Gansu Province, China, by crossing Mongolian or Tibetan with Xinjiang Fine-wool and then with some fine-wool breeds from USSR, such as Caucasian and Salsk. The Huangchen District is located in the pastoral area o the Qulian Mountains, about 37.5°N and 101° - 130°E. It is high and cold, with an altitude of 2,600 to 4,000 m, an annual mean temperature 0° to 3.8°C (extreme lowest temperature -30°C), an annual precipitation of 257 to 461 mm, and an average humidity 35 to 58%. The sheep are well adapted to this particular ecological condition. The average weight of grease fleece in ewes is about 4.6 kg, and the wool quality is 60-64's (20-25µm). This breed has been approved by the Gansu Provincial Government.

Reference: Cheng, P. (1984) Livestock Breeds of China. Animal Production and Health Paper 46 (E, F, S,). Publ. by FAO, Rome, 217 pp.

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Added September 11, 1996