• Mottled
  • White
  • Standard Weights: Cock-8 pounds; hen-6-1/2 pounds; cockerel 7 pounds; pullet-5-1/2 pounds.

     Skin Color: White.

     Egg Shell Color: White.

     Use: An ornamental fowl that is also a good egg producer and fairly good as a meat bird.

     Origin: Houdans originated in France where they enjoy a good reputation as a high class table fowl.

     Characteristics: Houdans possess a crest, beard and muffs and have five toes on each foot. Their rectangular bodies are set on fairly short legs. They are one of the better ornamental breeds for general utility use. Because of their crest, they require plenty of space and feed and water containers that prevent them from getting the crest wet and dirty, especially in cold weather. Because of the fifth toe, baby Houdans often walk with a skipping gait.


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     Watt Publishing, 122 S. Wesley Ave., Mt. Morris, IL 61054 USA

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