Red Brangus

Red Brangus, produced by a mating of black Angus cows and grey Brahman bulls, got their start in the early 1930's. Cattlemen noticed that the crossbred calves from the bottom end of the herd and at the back pasture came smaller, grew faster and had more meat than the British purebreds popular at the time. That wasn't enough for these far-sighted beef producers, however, They spent the next 20 years making sure that the results of these matings were repeatable and predictable.

Since that time those who have joined forces with that group have dedicated themselves to the production of profitable, functional cattle that produce the lean, tasty beef today's consumer demands.

The breed has grown from its Central and South Texas beginnings to a mainstay in commercial herds across the United States. Purebred breeders have sprung up in far away places like South Africa and several South American countries. That growth has been natural, as genuine interest in the productive capabilities of the breed brought about natural, progressive expansion.

Breed Associations and Registries


Publications, American Red Brangus Association, 3995 E. Highway 290, Dripping Springs, Texas 78620. Phone: (512) 858-7285


American Red Brangus Association, Dripping Springs, Texas

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Updated October 21, 1996