Also Known By: Valais, Eringer (German)

The Herens is a small, triple purpose breed native to the Swiss Alps with a range as far as Chamonix, at the foot of Mt. Blanc, in France. Numbers have decrease since World War II due to a decrease in farming done in the higher mountain regions. The Herens was originally a sporting breed with herd leaders received special care and are trained for the cowfight in which animals push against each other, head to head, until one backs away, the loser.

Coats are dark red to brown, often with a lighter stripe down the back. The average female height is approximately 119 cm and weight from 450 to 500 kg; males are somewhat large with an approximate height of 122 cm and weighing from 600 to 650 kg. The average milk yield was estimated in 1975 at 2909 kg.

Breed Associations and Registries


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Pierre Bonard, Brûlées 54, CH - 1093 La Conversion (VD), Switzerland

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