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Campaign Priorities

The Department of Animal Science has identified two areas that would create direct and long-lasting benefits:

  • Student Scholarships
  • Purebred Teaching Center Endowments


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Student Scholarships


An investment in scholarship funds is an investment in the students of the Department of Animal Science. These scholarships help students have the money to attend college and participate in college events without the added stress and distraction of working a large amount of hours to pay their bills. Scholarships allow students to focus on their studies so they can continue becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

The OSU Animal Science Department has over 900 undergraduate students representing over 40 states and several foreign countries. This makes Animal Science the largest department on the OSU campus, and one of the most prestigious Animal Science departments in the nation. Providing financial assistance to students through scholarships and covering judging team expenses will help OSU Animal Science students to continue gaining an exceptional education, setting National records and obtaining executive industry positions.

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Purebred Teaching Center Endowments


Our programs were built by legends of the livestock industry. Their tradition of excellence has been passed down and displayed to the world by maintaining outstanding purebred livestock at our teaching herds and exhibiting champion livestock on a national level. This, in turn, resulted in numerous National Champion judging teams. In the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, it was common to see many universities competing against each other with purebred livestock. Today, Oklahoma State is in a class of its own.

An investment in permanent endowments within the Department of Animal Science will keep OSU’s tradition and legacy of dominance alive and well. These permanent endowments will help ensure that our facilities and purebred herds will be maintained for future cowboys who will become the legends of tomorrow. The endowments listed below exist to support programs and operations within the Department of Animal Science.

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Dairy Center Endowment Fund

The Oklahoma State University dairy herd consists of approximately 100 registered Holstein cows that average 70 pounds of milk with a 3.9% fat test. The milking facility is a double-six herringbone parlor with automated cow identification, milk yield recording and milking unit detachers. The brick building that previously housed the milking parlor serves as a research and calf raising barn. There are 92 stanchion or tie stalls that can be used to individually feed research animals or as individual calf raising pens. This building also contains 13 box stalls. Individual stalls also exist for raising calves in the east wing. The former Bull Barn currently provides stalls for individually feeding or penning cows who may need isolation or attention for health purposes, or which may be used in embryo transfer or cooperative work with the Veterinary College. A calving shed (50’ x 16’) was recently completed. The Dairy Center encompasses approximately 300 acres of pasture; an additional 80 acres of tillable land nearby is devoted to raising sorghum for silage. Research currently being conducted at the Dairy Cattle Center includes ruminant nutrition, reproductive physiology, and health and well-being of dairy cattle.

A $4 million match program has been established for the OSU Dairy Center.

The Dairy Center needs financial support to:

  • Build a free stall barn.
  • Purchase new milking equipment for milking parlor.
  • Update student housing at the Dairy Center.
  • Endow the maintenance fund.


Equine Center Endowment Fund

The Equine Center is located on approximately 60 acres adjacent to the Animal Science Arena. The Equine Center currently has 65 head of primarily Quarter Horses in its inventory. Of this total, 22 are broodmares over the age of three, 4 geldings over the age of three, 7 two-year-old fillies and geldings, 16 yearling fillies and geldings and 3 breeding age stallions. These horses are used for a variety of activities encompassing research, teaching and extension. The goal is for every horse to be used in some activity. All broodmares and stallions have been secured through donations or raised from donated stock. Each year, some of the mares are bred to the top sires in the industry, again on a donation basis, in an effort to raise high-quality horses as replacements for use in class and for sale. The center consists of a 25-stall barn constructed in a double breezeway configuration. This barn also has a tack room, feed room and double wash rack. Other buildings include a 30’ x 85’ concrete block building that serves as a breeding shed and office, a 30’ x 50’ pole barn with three 16’ x 16’ stallion stalls and 10,000 square feet of exercise paddocks. The 60 acres includes six native and bermudagrass pastures that range in size from 5 to 20 acres. An additional 100 acres off-site are used for grazing, production and additional acreage for producing hay.The OSU Equine Center is nationally known and recognized as one of the top equine programs in the nation. The animal science department serves more than 250 undergraduate students who have a primary interest in horses as well as hundreds more from other disciplines across campus.

The Equine Center needs financial support to:

  • Cover the existing outdoor arena.
  • Endow the maintenance fund.



The OSU Feedmill was built in 1969 and employs 2-3 OSU students every year. The feed mill manufactures feed and mineral for all the OSU Animal Science units, as well as some research diets for Panhandle State University and West Texas A&M University. Approximately 100 feed ingredients go into more than 2,500 tons (5 million pounds) of feed annually.

The Feedmill needs financial support to:

  • Build a new, up-to-date facility.
  • Endow the maintenance fund.


Purebred Beef Center Endowment Fund

Purebred beef cattle are maintained at two locations: the Beef Cattle Center, located on 160 acres three miles west of Stillwater on State Highway 51, and the “purebred range” consisting of 1,400 acres of native grass and 350 acres of Old World Bluestem improved pasture on the north side of Lake Carl Blackwell. The purebred herd has a current inventory of approximately 300 mature cows representing five breeds: Angus, Hereford (horned and polled), Brangus, Limousin and Simmental. The office includes a sale pavilion and student dormitory. A show barn houses 12 individual pens and outside pens where cattle are maintained for class, sale and show purposes. PBC also has a working barn where general cattle management activities are performed and the Progeny Test Barn, which is used primarily for nutrition research by various faculty, and 2,000 acres of native pasture and improved grasses. These animal facilities are used extensively in our teaching program and related activities, including some extension activities with numerous tour groups, etc. The Center employs 10-20 OSU students per year and holds the annual Cowboy Classic Production Sale. The Beef Center maintains a reputation of functional, high performance cattle, both in and out of the show ring, with recent winnings including having the national champion Angus sale bull and reserve champion pen of 3 Angus bulls at the 2009 National Western Stock Show.

The Purebred Beef Cattle Headquarters needs financial support to:

  • Endow the maintenance fund.


Sheep and Goat Center Endowment Fund

The sheep farm is one of the oldest structures on campus (built in 1930), and is located on approximately 80 acres just west of the campus. The farm consists of 3 breeds: Suffolk, Hampshire and Dorset – all competitive on a national level. The facilities at the sheep farm include the following: Main Sheep Barn (built in 1930); North Sheep Barn (previously a swine barn-used for sheep since 1980); West Barn (built in 1967). Working facilities such as chutes, foot bath, cutting gates and turning cradles are available at the North Sheep Barn. The purebred sheep flock is primarily used in teaching several Animal Science courses as well as demonstrations and judging for 4-H and FFA schools and field days.

The Department of Animal Science is working to establish an endowment that will generate interest that can be used to offset the costs of running the Sheep and Goat Center. These costs will include: feed, student labor, repairs to equipment and facilities, facility improvements, registration fees, semen, veterinary expense, water, fertilizer, etc.

The Sheep and Goat Center needs financial support to:

  • Endow the maintenance fund.

Swine Center Endowment Fund

The Swine Center was dedicated in 2004 as a new, total confinement facility that features modern waste and odor management technologies as well as an indoor facility for swine judging. It is located on approximately 80 acres of land southwest of the campus, and it houses 130 sows of which half are commercial sows for nutrition research, and half are purebred Yorkshire and Hampshire sows. The herd is known for its outstanding purebreds with numerous national show champions through the years. OSU still holds the record for the highest selling purebred boar at auction by a college or university, when in 2001 they sold a Yorkshire boar for $70,000 at a National Type Conference. The OSU herd will show and sell breeding swine at 3-5 national shows each year. The center also uses Animal Science student employees and has housing for 2-4 students. In addition, approximately 100 different visits dot the calendar each year by 4-H, FFA and collegiate livestock teams.

The Department of Animal Science is working to establish an endowment that will generate interest that can be used to offset the costs of running the Swine Center. These costs will include: feed, student labor, repairs to equipment and facilities, facility improvements, registration fees, semen, veterinary expense, water, fertilizer, etc.

The Swine Center needs financial support to:

  • Endow the maintenance fund.


Click here to make a contribution to a Purebred Teaching Center Endowment. will take you to the Department of Animal Science donation page, which will allow you to choose from a list of endowments, scholarships, and funds that you can donate to. For donations over $50,000 or less than $10; please call 1-800-622-4678 to make a donation. We appreciate your support of our department.

Don’t see the fund you would like to donate to? Use the search box at our Foundation donation page to find other donation opportunities within the Department of Animal Science.

For more information about how you can be a part of this important legacy, please contact:


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