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Graduate Degree Programs

Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science Graduate Student Programs include Animal Science and Food Science degrees.

If you desire to continue your education beyond a bachelor's degree, our department offers a variety of programs through which you can earn graduate certificates or master's or doctoral degrees.

We offer Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) degree programs. An M.S. option allows students to obtain a master's via a more traditional route, including a combination of coursework and research. A Master of Agriculture (M.Ag.) degree is also available, but is considered a terminal degree and not suggested if you desire to pursue an additional degree upon completion.

Master of Science

Our department offers Master of Science degrees in animal science and food science.

The master's degree may be earned by one of three plans of study:

  • Plans I - with thesis, 30 credit hours consisting of 24 hours of course work and six hours of research with a grade of "SR."
  • Plan II - with report, 32 credit hours, consisting of 30 hours of course work and two hours of research with a grade of "SR."
  • Plan III - with no thesis or report, 32 credit hours of course work, including the creative component. The creative component may be a special report, an annotated bibliography, a project in research or design, or other creative activity, as designated by the advisory committee. Courses numbered 5000 or 6000 may not be used on a plan of study involving a creative component.

Doctor of Philosophy

Our department offers Doctor of Philosophy degrees in animal science and food science. This degree requires a minimum of 90 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree, or a minimum of 60 credit hours beyond the master's degree in related discipline.

Master of Agriculture

The Master of Agriculture degree is a "terminal" degree designed for students who want to advance in agricultural careers that do not usually offer advantages or incentives for acquiring a doctorate. The M.Ag. program offers flexibility in curriculum that permits special emphasis and application in some areas and broader overall knowledge in others.

Additional information regarding specific programs and admissions requirements and procedures may be found on the OSU Graduate College website. Learn more in our graduate program manual.

Scott Carter
Scott Carter

Graduate Student Program Coordinator
212B Animal Science

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