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Undergraduate Majors

Our department has a lot to offer anyone considering a degree in animal science or food science, including prominent judging teams, a large number of student organizations, an undergraduate research program, and facilities that other colleges cannot provide. We also have one of the largest majors and the largest departmental scholarship offering on campus.

Within our department, a student can earn a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (BSAG) in animal science or food science. With each degree, you have the opportunity to select an option (predefined emphasis area) so that your plan of study meets your needs.

There are eight study options within the animal science degree: biotechnology, production, pre-vet (or pre-med), business (or pre-law), livestock merchandising, ranch operations, animal science/agricultural communications double major, and animal science/agricultural education double major.

Food science contains four study options: food science, food industry, meat science, and food safety. One unique component to this department is that you can choose any option and mold it into a plan that works for you.




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