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Scott Carter

Scott Carter

Dr. Scott CarterJob Position:
Associate Professor

Contact Info:
Office: 212B Animal Science
Phone: 405.744.8869
Email: scott.carter@okstate.edu

Curriculum Vitae
OSU Swine Center

About Dr. Carter

Dr. Scott Carter received his B.S. in animal science from Oklahoma State University in 1989 and his Ph.D. in swine nutrition from the University of Kentucky in 1995. He was a graduate research assistant for 6 years at the University of Kentucky. Before coming to OSU in 1997, Dr. Carter was an assistant professor for North Dakota State University.  Dr. Carter is an associate professor who teaches principles of nutrition, swine science, special problems in advance swine nutrition, and protein nutrition.  He was the associate editor of American Society of Animal Science from 2008-2010. Dr. Carter is an Ex- Officio board member of the Oklahoma Pork Council.  His research interests are in the impact of diet on nutrient excretion and gaseous emissions, effect of alternative feedstuffs on growth performance and carcass traits, effects of feed additives in on growth performance, and carcass traits.

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