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Ranjith Ramanathan

Ranjith Ramanathan

Dr. Ranjith RamanathanJob Position:
Assistant Professor

Contact Info:
Office: 206D Animal Science
Phone: 405.744.9260
Email: ranjith.ramanathan@okstate.edu

Curriculum Vitae

About Dr. Ramanathan

Dr. Ranjith Ramanathan received his bachelor of veterinary and animal science from Kerala Agricultural University in India. He then moved to the United States, receiving his Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in animal science from the University of Connecticut. Dr. Ramanathan is an assistant professor doing 65% teaching and 35% research. He currently teaches the fundamentals of food science, food chemistry I, food chemistry II, analysis of food products, and advanced food chemistry. His research interest are postmortem meat biochemistry and meat quality, role of mitochondria in beef color, myoglobin and lipid oxidation, application of novel techniques to better understand meat quality, effects of enhancement on raw color, cooked color and lipid oxidation, inter-relationship between oxygen consumption and metmyoglobin reduction, packaging, and meat color.

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