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Nutrition Physiology Research Center

Nutrition Physiology Research Center

The Nutrition Physiology Research Center (NPRC) is a 15,000-sq. foot building located about two miles west of Stillwater near the Beef Complex. It provides a combination of controlled environment and open-air facilities for intensive research with cattle, swine and sheep. The unit is staffed with a herd manager, and student labor is used to offer experience to students. The center has the following facilities: 16 metabolism stalls used frequently for cow-calf pairs in physiology studies, small surgery room, dry and wet labs, and cattle working areas with chutes, stalls and pens. Recently, remodeling of the previous Live Animal Evaluation Center has been initiated to retrofit the building as an NPRC Annex. It is located next to the NPRC. It is currently equipped with 10 pens on slats. The swine reproductive physiology programs have been moved from the NPRC to the Annex. Additional remodeling has been started to create a surgery room and an isolation room for physiological monitoring. The current remodeling provides swine pens on slats, a surgery room and an isolation room.

The Department of Animal Science is currently making plans to build an updated Nutrition Physiology Research Center.

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5502 West 6th Avenue
Stillwater, OK 74074

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Facility Supervisor:
Blake Wilson

Facility Manager:
Maggie Youngers

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