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Department of Animal Science
101 Animal Science Building
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405.744.6062
Fax: 405.744.7390

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About Us

Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science Directory, Facilities, Mission, Vision, Brief History. The OSU Department of Animal Science offers two majors (Animal Science and Food Science) and 12 study options.


The OSU Department of Animal Science offers two majors (Animal Science and Food Science) and 12 study options. It is one of the largest department on campus with more than 950 undergraduate students from over 40 states and several countries, but with a small town feel, a caring attitude and a commitment to every student.

OSU has the fourth largest animal science department in the country. Students receive hands-on experience with farms and research facilities encompassing 13,000 acres. The Department of Animal Science also has the largest scholarship offering at OSU.

Our department has more national judging championships than any other university, including the reigning National Champion Meat Evaluation Team and reigning World Champion Horse Judging Team.The department sponsors six judging and competitive teams: livestock, horse, dairy cattle, meat, meat evaluation and quadrathlon.

We are one of the few departments to offer an undergraduate research scholar program and the only OSU department with a full-time career services professional.

Interested in pre-vet? Our undergraduates make up over 50% of the OSU Vet School class every year!

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs. The Department of Animal Science offers degrees in animal science and food science. There are eight study options in the animal science major: biotechnology, production, pre-vet (or pre-med), business (or pre-law), livestock merchandising, ranch operations, animal science/agricultural communications double major and animal science/agricultural education double major. Food science contains four study options: food science, food industry, meat science, and food safety. One unique component to this department is that you can choose any option and mold it into a plan that works for you.

Graduate Programs. A Master of Science degree (M.S) and Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) may be earned in animal science and food science. A Master of Agriculture degree (M.Ag.) is also available.

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